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Your Guide to the Hobby of Model Trains!
Ok, you're all set to become a model railroader. You're convinced that this is the world's greatest hobby, one that's just right for you. What do you do now?
Diving into a new hobby means you're bound to have lots of questions. You also face many choices. We can help get you started with this booklet.
The World's Greatest Hobby on Tour introduces the hobby of model railroading in an entertaining, lively and family-friendly atmosphere.
World's Greatest Hobby Mission Statement
The World's Greatest Hobby, Inc. (WGH) is a non-profit educational program to promote the enjoyment and benefits of model railroading.  The WGH goal is to provide both the information and inspiration to help YOU become a model railroad hobbyist.  We invite you to explore this site's resource links, download free content, watch our instructional videos, or visit us at one of our upcoming fun-for-the-family shows, the "World's Greatest Hobby On Tour."  We hope to count on you soon as a friend in model railroading, the World's Greatest Hobby!
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