West Glover musician's adventure in model trains

World renowned organist now focuses on his O gauge model railroad
West Glover, Vermont - It's a town in Vermont you've probably never heard of, and it was founded by a famous musician.

Forrest Gump said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. For this man, you can tell a lot about him by his hands.
John Weaver has made a career with his hands, turning the keys of this century-old organ into a heavenly sound. "I just relish the sound of an organ. When I was about three years-old, I was exposed to a very fine instrument," Weaver said.

World-renowned for decades no hands made the organ play a sweeter tune. In 2005 Weaver left his job as the organist at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. "It's a great adventure," he said.

He'd already retired from his teaching positions at the Curtis Institute and Juilliard. "A musician doesn't ever retire," Weaver said.
Truer words never spoken. He and his wife Marianne left the bright lights for a small rail town you've probably never heard of. Welcome to Madison Junction.

From playing keys to flipping switches, Weaver went from organist to conductor. "Wonderful, wonderful train," he said.

Brought to life in Weaver's West Glover basement. His hands now play a different tune. For ten years those hands toiled to bring the junction to life. "If you're thinking in terms of hours -- thousands," he said.

His fans undoubtedly miss the melodies of his organ, but not one to take a hobby lightly, Weaver's become world-renowned now in another area -- O-gauge model railroading. They even made a magazine around his New York office layout. Running these 11 diesels and eight steam locomotives -- Marianne still by his side -- makes this retiree feel young again. "I remember going down to the depot, which was only a couple of blocks away from where we lived," he said.

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