Meet the man who keeps the train set on track at Chicagos Museum of Science and Industry

The United States of William Davidson stretches coast to coast, from the port of Seattle where Chinese trawlers unload their catch inches from the sushi bars, to the coast of Chicago.

The eastern continental shelf of the United States of William Davidson is located at Michigan Avenue. There is nothing east of it, just a sharp drop-off into oblivion. West of Michigan Avenue, there is the Loop and the South Side, and the West Side of Chicago; there is Utah and Montana; there are the Dakotas and the Cascades. It’s a confusing country. There’s no real east but parts of Indiana make a cameo. You come out of the West Side and find yourself in the mountains of Colorado; then wind across Colorado and find yourself in the foothills of Washington state. Otherwise the United States of William Davidson is not so different from the United States of America.

The USA is roughly 3,000 miles, from coast to coast, and the USWD is roughly 3,500 square feet, from coast to coast. As with the USA, there are a number of important waterways that connect to the USWD, primarily the Pacific, Lake Michigan and the Calumet River. There are apple orchards and pizza places and people hanging their laundry; there are couples getting married, commuters headed to work and cars rusting in piles. There are big cities and one-horse towns, campers in tents and fashion shoots. Freight trains make their way slowly through the landscape, hauling steel and coal.

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